Studebaker Hawk

Studebaker Hawk is a DJ, producer, vinyl record dealer, and one of the members of Peace & Rhythm. Hawk spent a decade on the radio at WMUA in Amherst, MA, USA and cutting his teeth in Massachusetts clubs, before branching out to tour in Asia and Europe, as well as North and South America. He's constantly digging for vinyl throughout his international travels, to bring new jams to the dance floor and stock his Discogs shop (one of the top 50 biggest Discogs sellers in the US). 

In the late 2000s, Hawk joined Andujar and Bongohead to form what would become the Peace & Rhythm Crew. Together they threw Rumba Psicodelica parties in Massachusetts, USA, focusing on the funkiest of Latin, African, and Caribbean music. Out of this mutual love of underexposed music, Peace & Rhythm was born.

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