Orquesta El Macabeo

Among the leading lights of the revolución of new salsa, Puerto Rico’s own Orquesta el Macabeo are more than just some punk generation metalheads playing their parents’ music. They are, in fact, a tight, searing, brassy salsa ensemble of high caliber precision and interesting, darkly humorous lyrics sung in an atypical way. A unique combination of traditional salsa dura elements with a garage/punk/pop spirit. Macabeo have releases on a number of labels, including Discos de Hoy, Peace & Rhythm, Vampisoul, Electric Cowbell and others. Since 2008.

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Orquesta El Macabeo releases on Peace & Rhythm can be purchased here, here and here. (While supplies last!)

The band's latest LP, La Maldición del Timbal, is available now on Peace & Rhythm.