Terrificos is a brand new project led by soundtrack composer Jake Fader and the ever-funky Ray Lugo (Kokolo, Boogaloo Destroyers). Peace & Rhythm presents the brand new double 12” LP by Los Terrificos titled Go South/Vaya Pa'l Sur.

Taking inspiration from Latin, African, Caribbean, North and South American sources as diverse as the “narco corridos” of Mexico and afrobeat, not to mention Cowboy Western film soundtracks, surf, psychedelic Amazonian cumbia, dub, electronica, funk, Andean folk, even disco, this record is wide ranging yet cohesive. Evocative of wild landscapes, dramas big and small, it’s also a concept story album, perhaps unlike anything in Latin-oriented music today. Jake Fader, one of the two principal members of the band, says the record “is a soundtrack that has no film (yet). It is a diverse album that is not a traditional representation of any of the many genres it is influenced by. The only real rules were that the songs had to be a little freaky and mysterious.”

Go South spins an engaging if fanciful narrative through a series of musical vignettes and also via an extended story in the interior spread of the gatefold. According to the notes, the LP was made “in memory of victims of violence and greed, especially south of the border, and those that cross borders everywhere in order to pursue a better life.” As the other primary member of Los Terrificos, Ray Lugo (Kokolo, The Boogaloo Destroyers), explains it, “it’s full of reflections on life and the triumphs and struggles of the central figure in the album, ‘El Gordo’, a character not unlike many in the Latin world who makes choices that affect people near and far.” ‘El Gordo’ is a drug kingpin who goes on a vision quest to try and come to terms with the destruction he has wrought, and the question at the end of the record is: does he find redemption, or oblivion? It’s an open-ended conclusion that is as intriguing as the music, and will leave fans craving more (stay tuned!).

Go South has a unique, dynamic hybrid ‘narco-delic’ sound that leaps out of the speakers (having the vinyl on 45 RPM helps). Ray Lugo sums it up thusly: "We discussed how long the process of making an album can sometimes be and thought it would be fun to try to write, record and mix an album within 30 days. We chose the sounds of South America because we had been listening to a lot of super funky music from Peru, Colombia and Panama. Jake was working on the music score for [a] documentary...and this played a key role in the cinematic feel to the album. We wanted it to sound fresh, not over-planned and above all to share the fun we had making it with the listener."

The album is a double LP, 160g vinyl, 45rpm for extra boom. It features an original narrative story by Pablo Yglesias (in both Español and English) and a sturdy gatefold jacket with amazing artwork by Dr Jorge Alderete (Sonido Gallo Negro), as well as some interior art by Margot Glass. Purchase your copy here.

"Super new long-player from Los Terrificos on the Peace & Rhythm imprint. A cohesive trip on modern tropical influences, leaning on the succulent psychedelics of south american stylized electric guitars and fuzzed out keyboards, but with a decidedly funky and beat-driven approach. It's the right dose of modern electrico and sonidero soundscapes to maintain a steady groove throughout. Not to be overlooked, the 45RPM pressing of the LP, for all your inevitable rebejada needs in the dance. Impressive gatefold package with extensive artwork and liner notes." -- Independent Grand

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