Bio Ritmo

Blazing a trail by playing some of the hardest hitting and far reaching modern salsa for 3 decades, Bio Ritmo have grown into one of the most intriguing and influential Latin dance bands of recent times. They are true rebels who have defied being pigeonholed.

The band has helped pioneer a new generation of musicians (aka nueva generación) that thrive on the spirit of experimentation that once defined the 70’s Latin sound that came to be known as ‘salsa’. From hipster rock clubs in Brooklyn to ‘salsa bars’ in Cali, Colombia, Bio Ritmo keeps the bodies on the dance floor with their nitty-gritty, vintage grooves while turning heads with their experimental synth tones, innovative harmonies and thought provoking lyrics. They convert the skeptics who only know the overly commercialized, tacky veneer of Latin music and challenge the purist who hitherto believed the genre died during the 90’s. They cite Stereolab and Brazilian psychedelic music as influences in the same breath as name-dropping Ray Barretto, Roberto Roena and classic Fania records. 

The band has a fierce, almost punk rock DIY ethos that pervades their attitude and style, releasing their records either by themselves or on indie and hip hop labels like Merge, Fat Beats, Vampi Soul, Electric Cowbell and Peace & Rhythm. To date, Peace & Rhythm have released two records with the group, a 45 (Oriza) and a deluxe double LP reissue of Bio Ritmo's self-titled opus from 2002, which marked the debut of pianist and arranger Marlysse Rose Simmons. 

Bio Ritmo official website here.