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Bongohead, Bex, and Studebaker Hawk
 Jesús Pagán Y Su Orquesta - Salsa De La Mata (Salsa Dura)
"Oye mi gente, do you like classic jams from the golden age of Nuyorican salsa dura? Well, so does orchestra leader, vocalist and composer Jesús Pagán, and for his first album as a solo act and leader he has assembled a fabulous team of ace musicians and top arrangers for your listening pleasure. Every tune on this record is a bona fide salsa scorcher, hot and heavy. Though some of the compositions feature romantic lyrics, there is NO salsa monga—that is, sappy romantic pop salsa—every jam on has plenty of “moña” (brass crescendo) “tumbao” (bass lines) and mambo (polyrhythm) to it. With so much sabor (taste) and authentic “feeling” on this long-playing album, I’m sure you will agree this is a killer collection - literally “salsa de la mata” (killer salsa)!" — DJ Bongohead

C.A.M.P.O.S. - Shake Up the World: Live In The Studio, Vol 2 (Cumbia, Disco, Electronic)

"Joshua Camp (Locobeach, Chicha Libre) returns for volume 2 of the psychedelic basement cumbia experience that is the C.A.M.P.O.S. live show, this time with brand new unreleased songs in additional to reimagined versions of songs from 2016's Miracles & Criminals."

Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Antibody Remixes (Afrobeat, House, Disco)
Poland’s only Afrobeat band Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra follows up their third album Antibody with a collection of remixes from the album, featuring collaborations that span the globe. Remixes by Chas Bronz, Superprince, GMGN, Pomegranate Sounds, MNGWA, Studebaker Hawk, Jake Fader, and Andrew Klein.

Buyepongo vs. Quitapenas 7" (Cumbia)

"The brother bands of Los Angeles' cumbia scene collide! Both cuts are fueled by infectious beats, compelling vocals, intricate guitar interplay and soaring sax, carrying you away into a state of ecstasy that is akin to a heightened feeling of spiritual bliss and oneness. Now more than ever the musical messages of these two bands is a healing, unifying force that provides an essential service to the people in a time of dire need and isolation."

MNGWA - Crackadoom EP (Cumbia)
"Like a cultural rainbow, the music of MNGWA runs the spectrum of ethnic genres: latin, gypsy, balkan, dub, russian, carribean, mexican. You can add to that some contemporary indie folk, psych rock and a hint of a country twang. It’s a rich, intoxicating brew. An absolute delight. MNGWA calls it Vancumbia, and who knows it may be the sound of the future. I, for one, hope so." - Mark Anthony Brennan, Ride the Tempo Music Blog
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Antibody (Afrobeat)
" Over the last seven years, WAO has crafted a style of afrobeat all their own. The frontline vocal trio of Anna PiotrowskaAgata Dąbrowska, and Magdalena Kuś creates a timbre that’s unmistakably Warsaw Afrobeat. Aggressive yet beautiful vocals contrast melodic horn lines over afro rhythms to recontextualize the traditions of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen"

C.A.M.P.O.S. - Shake Up the World: Live In The Studio, Volume 1 (Cumbia, Indie)

"Joshua Camp (Locobeach, Chicha Libre) clones 4 of himself to create the C.A.M.P.O.S. live show, reimagined versions of songs from 2016's Miracles & Criminals in 2016."

Download Full Album


Money Chicha - The Mexican / Enfermera 7" (Cumbia)

"Renowned Austin, Texas psychedelic cumbia band, Money Chicha (featuring members of Grupo Fantasma and Brownout/Brown Sabbath) reimagining the breakbeat classic, Babe Ruth's The Mexican and Peru’s Los Ilusionistas' obscure Chicha, Enfermera."

Download both songs


Locobeach - Psychedelic Disco Cumbia LP 2019 (Cumbia, Disco, House)

"Locobeach is the NYC supergroup comprised of José Luis "Cheo" Pardo (Los Crema Paraiso, Los Amigos Invisibles), Neil Ochoa (Chicha Libre, Los Crema Paraiso), Joshua Camp (Chicha Libre, C.A.M.P.O.S., One Ring Zero), Edward Marshall (La Muy Bestia Pop), and Fernando Valladares (Guaco). Psychedelic Disco Cumbia is the melding of Cumbia, Disco, and House Music into dancefloor fire."
Download Full LP

Download Dream Of The Bellflower Download Mira Quien Llego Download Six On The Stairway To Seven Download Guaracheo Download Javelin Download Success On The Dance Floor Download Rata Download The Devil Is A Charmer Download KakalapapangaDownload We Haven't Been Introduced

Orquesta El Macabeo ‎– Yankee Go Home 7” 2019 (Salsa)

"The latest effort by Puerto Rico's salsa rebels Orquesta El Macabeo is a very timely cover version of the Daniel Santos anti-imperialist anthem “Yankee Go Home”

Download Yankee Go Home

Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra - 100 Fevers LP 2019 (Afrobeat, Disco, Funk)

"Kokolo's 5th album of Afrobeat and Afro funk. Brand new funk from band leader Ray Lugo (Los Terrificos, Boogaloo Destroyers). 18 years in Kokolo is still going strong, leading the charge in modern Afrobeat. Dancefloor jams from start to finish" 
Download Full LP

Download 100 Fevers

Download Ghost Riders

Download Manteca

Download Hey Hey

Download How We Gonna Work It Out

Download I Love When Music Takes Me Away

Download Ethiopia

Download Afrika Man

Download La Buena Fe

Kokolo Vs. Los Terrificos Remixes 12" EP 2018 (Tropical House)

"Kokolo's afrobeat/afrofunk and Los Terrificos' stylized chicha cumbia, get the remix treatment from Bosq (Medellin, Colombia), Max Essa (Tokyo, Japan), D. Briggs (NYC, USA), and Studebaker Hawk (Guadalajara, Mexico). In addition to the 4 songs on the 12" EP, two additional remixes are available exclusively on the digital release, remixes by GMGN and Dustin Rosata (Boston, USA)."

Download Full EP

Download Kokolo - How We Gonna Work It Out (Bosq remix)

Download Kokolo - 100 Fevers (Max Essa remix)

Download Los Terrificos - La Mordida (D. Briggs remix)

Download Los Terrificos - Muerte En La Galera (Studebaker Hawk remix)

Download Kokolo - Afrika Man (GMGN remix)

Download Kokolo - Hey Hey (Dustin Rosata psychedelic sludge remix)


MAKU Soundsystem - 5 Fuegos LP 2018 (Cumbia & Latin Funk)

"The EP features five smoking psychedelic tunes full of originality, hot rocking Afro-funk and deep Colombian roots, each one energized by a burning inner light." 

Download Full Album

Download Llama

Download Yemaya

Download Combate

Download Machete

Download Por Encima

Download Llama (Instrumental)

Download Combate (Instrumental)


Orquesta El Macabeo – Salsa Macabra LP 2018 (Salsa)

"Salsa Macabra's raw "garage salsa" -- all originals -- tells stories of love and heartbreak, of rackets and tricksters, of pride and deception, nightlife and consumerism."

"a salsa song so beautiful, so earth-shatteringly honest and, above all, so poignant that it hurts." @REMEZCLA

Download Full Album

Download Charlatan

Download La Noche

Download Macabionico

Download Se Pone Dificil

Download Swing

Download La Culpa

Download Supermercado

Leon Brothers - El Tigre / Candela 7" 2017 (Cumbia)

"Some say the León Brothers are mystical musical entities that came from outer space and landed in the jungles of coastal Colombia 100 years ago, and with the aid of their magic keyboard time machine, have traveled forward in time to warn us of the destructive nature of man and his will to destroy and burn like the tiger and the candle. Other people have a theory that these are human/lion hybrids that escaped from the Island of Dr. Moreau, floating to New York on their inflatable tambor alegre raft. There are reports of lion-headed figures roaming the four boroughs of Gotham at night playing strange dubbed out mash-ups of ancient future Colombian electronica, making the locals dance in the dark to savage feline cumbia and fandango de lengua rhythms before slipping back into the hazy dawn." 

Download El Tigre

Download Candela

Fulaso – La Rumba / My Little Baby 7” 2017 (Boogaloo, Latin Soul)

Fulaso is an unparalleled FUnky LAtin SOul collective impassioned by mixing classic boogaloo arrangements fueled by Latin world rhythms with badass funk and soul.  This slammin’ orchestra of expert musicians gives wings to a Los Angeles born front woman, Erica Ramos, with “…Broadway star power and control over an audience, a neo-blues-mama personality and pipes to match the fit the restore perfectly.” - Dave Coyne, Glide Magazine

Download La Rumba

Download My Little Baby

Big Mean Sound Machine – Runnin' for the Ghost LP 2017 (Afro Funk)

"So immersed in the gyrating dance music of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America that Runnin' For The Ghost brims over with an intensity usually found only in bands from those countries. Exact and immaculate unison playing is this nonet's calling card with solos incidental to the fun..." - Downbeat

Download Full Album

Download Return of the March

Download Seeing The Bigger Picture

Download Van Chatter

Download Runnin’ for the Ghost

Download Hired Guns

Download Kang's Lament

Download Burning Van

Download Sahara Cell Phones

Download Another Grain Of Sand

Spam Allstars – Trans-Oceanic LP 2017 (Latin Funk)

“The Spam Allstars are generating a buzz in the music business for their rhythmic mixtures of electronica, Latin, funk, hip-hop and dub. And the band members are just as diverse as the music they groove to.” - NPR

Download Full Album

Download Trans-Oceanic

Download Cosquilla

Download Ruby Carat

Download Satellite

Download Around The Track

Download La Concha


Orquesta El Macabeo – La Maldición Del Timbal LP 2016 (Salsa)

"La Maldición del Timbal is the latest and fiercest installment in the saga of the big, punk family that is Orquesta El Macabeo. There is no compartmentalizing, no posturing, just painful honesty, delivered via sarcastic comedy and cynical lyrics. An album full of complex melodies and references to more psychedelic ‘70s salsa and jazz, using tropicalia clichés to its advantage." - Amaya Garcia, Bandcamp Daily

Download Full Album

Download Crucero

Download Armonía

Download Saco E Trampa

Download La Función

Download La Buena Voluntad

Download Rutina

Download Carrera

Download La Maldición Colonial

C.A.M.P.O.S. – Miracles & Criminals 2xLP 2016 (Cumbia, Indie Rock)

"Wow.... CAMPOS is just unreal. Seriously one of the best records I've heard in a while. Great work!” - Miles Cleret, Soundway Records

"Sounds like a lost night in the Amazon with a Moog, drum machine and leather jacket. Psychedelic, playful and authentic." - Will "Quantic" Holland

Download Full Album

Download Luz Blanca, El Cantante

Download Miracles & Criminals

Download Dream Of The Bell Flower

Download Six On The Stairway To Seven

Download Teosinte

Download Botella De Rayo

Download El Capitalista 72

Download My Bird Has Many Voices

Download Paseo Del Sur

Download Slaver's Song

Download Somewhere West

Download The Devil Is A Charmer

Download Everyone Above Us

Download Cervantes/Moroder

Download Shake Up The World

Download Success On The Dance Floor

Download Transamerica

Download Anodyne

Download Azul y Amarillo

Download Otro Clasico (Angels Mock)

Download La Muerte Verde

Download Deutsche Clave

Download El Campo Y El Rio

Download Torre De Babel

Download La Morfo Azul

Download Out In The Field

Download Presion

Download The Robbery

Download We Haven't Been Introduced

Download My Bird Has Many Voices (Mother's Mix)

Download Termina


Los Terrificos – Go South / Vaya Pa'l Sur 2xLP 2016 (Latin, Disco, Funk, and Downtempo)

"Super new long-player from Los Terrificos on the Peace & Rhythm imprint. A cohesive trip on modern tropical influences, leaning on the succulent psychedelics of South American stylized electric guitars and fuzzed out keyboards, but with a decidedly funky and beat-driven approach. It's the right dose of modern electrico and sonidero soundscapes to maintain a steady groove throughout. Not to be overlooked, the 45RPM pressing of the LP, for all your inevitable rebejada needs in the dance. Impressive gatefold package with extensive artwork and liner notes." - Independent Grand

Download Full Album

Download Todos Pa'l Norte 

Download Muerte En La Galera

Download Viva La Robolución

Download Cachas De Oro

Download El Camino Azul

Download Entre Nous

Download Salsipuedes

Download A Correr!

Download La Pantera

Download Aquí Ya No Hay Ley

Download La Mordida

Download Ajuste De Cuentas

Download La Tumba, El Cura Y La Mariposa

Download Polvo Plomo Poder


M.A.K.U. Soundsystem – The Mix EP 2016 (Cumbia)

"Punk, funk and jazz via Afro-Colombia and Queens: That's the driving and gritty energy behind New York's M.A.K.U. Sound System. Led by vocalist Liliana Conde and outfitted with horns and guitars, this raw-edged, punk-tinged band explodes with the propulsive force of traditional rhythms and urban restlessness." - NPR, Anastacia Tsioulcas

Download Full Album

Download La Mezcla

Download Corre Que Corre

Download La Haitiana (Folk Version)

Download Atentos

Download La Mezcla (Prince Of Queens Dub)

Download Palo

Download Esclavo Moderno

Mariachi Flor De Toloache – Dicen / When We Love 7” 2016 (Cumbia, Bachata)

2017 Latin Grammy winners, Flor De Toloache deliver a cumbia and a bachata for your dance floors!

“Meet your fav cool lil secret @mariachinyc #FlorDeToloache not “your fav mariachi band” or “your new fav girl group” nah…. so beyond that man” QuestLove, The Roots 

“These mariachis have moxie. They don’t just sing; they could blast through mountains with their wails and gritos (shouts), and melt glaciers with the warmth of their gorgeous harmonies (figuratively speaking, of course)." - NPR, Maria Arbona-Ruiz

Download Dicen

Download When We Love

Bio Ritmo - Oriza 7" 2015 (Cumbia)

"The music of Bio Ritmo is of true visionaries, its innovative and unique approach has put them at the forefront of the "new generation" of salsa musicians. Steeped in the classical tradition, they are still experimenting with new ideas and in the process they did not set out to revolutionize salsa music, but because of their sound labs, in the most unlikely of places for a salsa band (Richmond, Virginia) they have demonstrated that you can grow a garden anywhere with proper care." 

"Killer record! Both the original and Whiskey Barons remix are truly wonderful tunes I'm stoked to have in the arsenal. Whiskey Barons remix is the perfect mix of latin/beats. Right up my alley." - Spark Arrester

Download Oriza

Download Oriza (Whiskey Barons Remix)


Ola Fresca - Elixir LP 2015 (Salsa)

“In a world where salsa sometimes gets diluted into pop, [the album] masterfully brings together the finest elixirs: son cubano (Cuban son), Cuban rumba and timba, and Puerto Rican-style salsa, featuring at times the powerful two-trombone sound. On some of the pieces, Ola Fresca intentionally blend old-school son cubano with salsa, creating unexpected twists. Elixir is clearly one of the best albums of the year in the tropical Latin music category.” - World Music Central

“Rarely do we hear musicians who, beforehand, we know that there are very few like them. Jose Conde belongs to this class. [Elixir] gathers a universe of sounds that structures and vitalizes through the medium of compositions that moves masses and creates consciousness…Ola Fresca gets us to enjoy and think with an invitation to brotherhood, unity, and respect for differences.” - DJ El Chino

Download Full Album

Download Elixir

Download La Mano Del Rumbero

Download Bandera

Download Bizcocho

Download El Niño De La Clave

Download Pollitos De Primavera

Download Convivencia

Download Mulata

Big Mean Sound Machine / Super Hi-Fi – Wolfpack / Q Street 7” 2015 (Afrobeat, Dub Reggae)

Afrobeat from BMSM paired with dub reggae from Super Hi-Fi.

Download Big Mean Sound Machine - Wolfpack (45 Edit)

Download Super Hi-Fi - Q Street