Orquesta El Macabeo - El Entierro - LP (limited collector's edition)

Orquesta El Macabeo - El Entierro - LP (limited collector's edition)

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Among the leading lights of the revolución of new salsa, Puerto Rico’s own Orquesta el Macabeo are more than just some punk generation metalheads playing their parents’ music. They are, in fact, a tight, searing, brassy salsa ensemble of high caliber precision and interesting, darkly humorous lyrics sung in an atypical way. A unique combination of traditional salsa dura elements with a garage/punk/pop spirit. Macabeo have releases on a number of labels, including Discos de Hoy, Peace & Rhythm, Vampisoul, Electric Cowbell and others. Since 2008.

After collaborating on a 45rpm 7" single in 2014 and a small tour earlier in 2015, Peace & Rhythm are pleased to co-release a first-time-on-vinyl edition of the group's 2011 album, El Entierro, previously released only on CD by Discos de Hoy. P&R-LP-003 is a joint release with Discos de Hoy, Lucha Libre Discos and Hombre Que Mira Al Cielo. Check out the album opener here

"(Macabeo) have managed to produce fresh sounding salsa music from Puerto Rico. Each song is different, the album moves within many styles of music while preserving the original raw sound that this band plays. Great salsa music for hearing and dancing alike." --Amazon.com

"Upbeat songs, with humorous yet true songs that mix funny lyrics with some smokin' salsa.Their music features some great musicianship in the horn section with some awesome trombones that I would compare to Willie Colon's during his early days with Hector Lavoe, proof that Macabeo is one of the best if not best salsa has right now. They have a loyal fanbase...that continues to grow and there's no wonder why. They have an old-school sound with a fresh, kick-ass attitude that appeals to dancers and just plain old music lovers alike. And if you get a chance to see them live, do so. They have great energy and presence on stage." --Gabriel Cortes Hernandez

"El Entierro reveals an orchestra with a more mature sound reminiscent of the stronger salsa our parents listened to, without losing that particular twist that characterizes it - their expert narration of scenes of "Puerto Rico Today" - scenes that are familiar to all of us [of the younger generation] - and a mischievous sense of humor." --Débora Reyes, Puerto Rico Indie

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