Big Mean Sound Machine / Super Hi-Fi - split 7" (limited edition super-thick red vinyl)

Big Mean Sound Machine / Super Hi-Fi - split 7" (limited edition super-thick red vinyl)

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This little 45 rpm nugget contains enough sonic power to topple your upright brain. The names of the bands are enough to give warning, but the grooves within this co-operatively produced split 7" prove to emit powerhouse boom & blast. From the sweetly deep rumble of Super Hi-Fi's melodic dual-trombone dub on "Q Street" to the pounding afrofunk fire of Big Mean Sound Machine's astro-licious body-shaker "Wolfpack", this record will light your night very warm indeed.
Big Mean Sound Machine are rooted in Ithaca, NY, but with members across the Northeast these folks have plenty of reason to deliver this humongous sound all over the damn place. A constantly-traveling brigade of funk-and-sweat, citizens armed with horns, guitars, synths and percussion all together in one Big Mean Sound Machine bringing the peace & rhythm to your town. The members have collectively worked supporting funk, reggae and African artists as well as producing highly original albums of their own since 2009. A favorite of the Northeast USA club & festival circuits, BMSM easily make new fans every stop along the way. A stand-out cut from the band's bag of funky originals, this 45 edit of "Wolfpack" is a DJ delight with a lot of bite.


Brooklyn-based dub band Super Hi-Fi were born during the Sound Liberation Front's Afro-Dub Sessions in NYC. They bring a jazzy melodicism to their Jamaican-inspired core, with flashes of afrobeat and rock inspiration. With a rock-solid rhythmic foundation and featuring a double trombone attack that plays tough, yet sounds lovely, these cats have already garnered accolades for both their live sound as well as their records on Electric Cowbell. Peace & Rhythm and Record Friends are dubbily ecstatic to present Super Hi-Fi's original version of "Q Street".

Look for both of these ensembles to quake your village soon.
Thank you for your musical attention.

Check out the promo video, made by Andrew Greto.
Limited edition of 800, red vinyl, super thick 70 gram pressing, 45 rpm with picture sleeve and double-sided insert.

Co-released with Record Friends of Jamestown, NY.

Super Hi-Fi website

Big Mean Sound Machine website

You can preview and download/buy digitals (including bonus tracks) by Super Hi-Fi at Bandcamp:

You can preview and download/buy the digital of the album-length version of Big Mean Sound Machine's "Wolfpack" at Bandcamp:

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