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Peace & Rhythm To Release Bio Ritmo "Oriza" 45 December 1

Peace & Rhythm are happy to announce the brand new 45 by Richmond salsa legends Bio Ritmo. The long-awaited "Oriza" (b/w Whiskey Barons remix) will drop on the scene December 1. This is a limited edition, red vinyl edition of 500, with picture sleeve art by the band's lead vocalist Rei Alvarez. Familiarize yourself here: Richmond, Virginia’s Bio Ritmo have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to making original salsa that appeals to both the head and the heart. For the last couple of decades, their music has been a refreshing alternative to the brand of “Teflon”...

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Re-imagining 80s rock classics in the era of geo-political warming

Lima, Perú-born, L.A.-based Renaissance woman Cecilia Noël continues to push boundaries and delight fans with her original and ground-breaking take on Cuban-derived Latin dance music. On her latest release, Havana Rocks, she brings authentic, made-in-Havana instrumentation and arrangements to her own refreshing reading of classic 70s/80s rock, New Wave and pop tunes. However, unlike some Latin pop salsa romántica with English lyrics, Ms. Noël’s interpretation of how to cover gringo rock tunes differs from your Ricky Martins and J-Los in that Havana Rocks does just that: it rocks out! And way down in its soul, the record’s still resolutely Cuban...

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Visiting the Dark Side...Brownout presents Brown Sabbath (Ubiquity Records)

(photo by focalchrome) This is the highly publicized Black Sabbath tribute from members of Brownout and Grupo Fantasma. I have seen both of those bands several times and have been continually amazed by their tight live shows with swingin' horns and rippin' grooves. Intrigued further, I decided to gain access into their world and tried to find out what makes them so sick. I was told to meet them in some late night Texas heat (I took a left at the longhorn, vultures circling). When I arrived on the scene there was a wicked feeling that came over me. The...

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