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2015 Year-End Round-Up (with guests!)

Among the many beautiful things about sound & music is that it can supplement your life's routine in so many different ways. Whether you look at (or hear or make) music as artistic expression, ritual, relaxation, protest, celebration, dance release, mathematical composition, entertainment, fashion, comedy or even as background sound, there is no wrong way to appreciate music. It fills our lives with joy or aggression, songs about love and hate, constructions of rhythm and noise, harmony or disruption. Only a high-minded snob will pooh-pooh somebody's artistic creation. (Although they are certainly out there, usually in the form of talentless...

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DJ Bongohead's "Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove, Vol. 2"

Check out this radio piece on the new compilation for the The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove, Vol. 2, compiled by Peace & Rhythm's own DJ Bongohead, reviewed recently by NPR's Milo Miles on Fresh Air.

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