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Check out this Video-Souvenir of Visual Clave!!

As Visual Clave winds down its nine-week run at Bronx Music Heritage Center this weekend, we have this souvenir short film put together by Mathew Ramirez Warren and Rodrigo Balseca Carmona recapping the event, featuring Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria and our own Pablo Yglesias. With footage from the Brooklyn, Bronx and UMass-Amherst shows, there are so many friendly faces popping up in this, along with all that great album cover art! Check out the video.

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Visual Clave exhibits in Brooklyn and Bronx

VISUAL CLAVE 50 Years of Latin Album Cover Design Visual Clave documents the little known evolution of ‘Salsa Graphics’ and  the expression of Latino identities through the prism of album cover art over  half a century of music packaging and graphic design. This exhibit explores the evolution of Latin music album cover art over the last 50 years,paying critical attention to issues of identity and aesthetics through depictions of Hispanic people and cultures, with an emphasis on historical context and the unsung graphic artists who helped present Latin music — and its attendant socio-cultural themes — to the world. Visual Clave’s premise...

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