Latest from Peace & Rhythm: Kokolo VS. Los Terrificos Remixes 12" EP


Brand new release from Peace & Rhythm! An EP of tropical house created by musicians working on 3 continents.

Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra and Los Terrificos are lead by Ray Lugo and Jake Fader, with a 17 year history of spreading funky music around the world. The afrobeat/afrofunk and the chicha cumbia meets Spaghetti-Western cinema inspired groups get the remix treatment from Bosq (Medellin, Colombia), Max Essa (Tokyo, Japan), D. Briggs (NYC, USA), and Studebaker Hawk (Guadalajara, Mexico). In addition to the 4 songs on the 12" EP, two additional remixes are available exclusively on the digital release, remixes by GMGN and Dustin Rosata (Boston, USA).

The record officially comes out November 2, and you have the opportunity to get it even before stores! Pre order is available at this link, and will ship out November 1. Retail price for this EP is only $12, if you buy direct from Peace & Rhythm.

Preview and buy the digital release below, as well as on itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, up on Spotify, and many other digital music platforms.

Next month, catch us at 4 release parties around New England, USA, bringing the new EP directly to you.

The official release is Friday November 2 at Grassfed Disco, held at Zuzu, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA, 10-2PM. Studebaker Hawk and GMGN (producers from the EP) will be spinning tracks from it along with great music to keep you moving.

Saturday November 3 at Vinyl Index, 1 Bow Market Way, Somerville, MA, 2-5PM. Peace & Rhythm DJs, Andujar and Studebaker Hawk will be spinning P&R releases at the Boston areas newest vinyl shop, along with guest DJs coming through to mix in some jams.

Sunday November 4 at Music Research Library, 62 Dike St, Providence, RI, 2-5PM. Andujar and Studebaker Hawk bring the party to Providence, to spin at the city's hippest record store.

Saturday November 17 at Mill No. 5, 250 Jackson St, Lowell, MA, 12-4PM, the turntables will be set up on the 4th floor, right across from the awesome record store, Vinyl Destination (who happen to be celebrating their 5th anniversary). In addition to the shops, movie theater, and arcade in Mill No. 5, the 5th floor will be taken over by the That Hole Thing bazaar, and filled with vendors selling vinyl records and donuts! The vinyl we spin will be on the house system throughout the 4th and 5th floors, so come out, enjoy the music, and shop.

Catch Andujar and Studebaker Hawk back at Zuzu for more funky jams in Cambridge.

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