La Maldición del Timbal - Orquesta El Macabeo, Available Digitally on Bandcamp

Our punk-salsa heroes from Puerto Rico, Orquesta El Macabeo, were recently featured at Bandcamp Daily with a nice write-up and some catalog selections (article here). The band releases many of their records in co-op fashion, with several labels from around the world helping pick up the tab. Peace & Rhythm have done so for three of the group's records, including the now out-of-print Macacoa 7" and the vinyl edition of their 2011 release El Entierro (we still have VERY limited copies remaining, grab them here) and the brand new release, La Maldición del Timbal, the band's finest effort to date. If you want the vinyl LP (which includes a compact disk), with FANTASTIC album art by iconic heavy metal/hard rock album cover artist Joe Petagno (Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Pink Floyd) you may grab a copy from our webstore (link here).

But the band has also made the digital download available from Bandcamp, available right here for your pleasure. Give it a whirl!

Out of the depths of a nation’s sociopolitical struggle comes one of the most mature albums Puerto Rican music will see this year. Orquesta el Macabeo unleashes their 4th studio album, La Maldición del Timbal, an eight track bombshell that proves how far their spirited blend of indie salsa, punk rock attitude and afro-boricua beats have come along. Latin dance music for the head and heart as well as the feet.

Macabeo will be touring the States next month. Full itinerary available soon.

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