Sasac - Talking God - 12"

Sasac - Talking God - 12"

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Sasac - Talking God

Talking God / Talking God (Eddie C Remix) / Talking God (Alex Israel "took Too Long" Remix) / Talking God (Benedek Remix) : Alliance Upholstery Au002

Stockholm’s Sasac returns with an elegant summertime jam.

“Talking God” is delicate morning music. From the opening notes you know you are in for something special. Think fresh squeezed orange juice, sunshine pouring in through open windows, the bridge between the waking world and that chaise lounge on the beach with your name on it. Let the sound wash over you like crystal blue waters and visions of paradise.

Sasac is Karl Nordin, one of those bright young people you read about in the newspaper. With only a few releases under his belt, he is a bright talent and essential member of the new wave of Swedish producers like Prins Emanuel and Golden Ivy.

As for the remixes, Eddie C (Endless Flight/Crue-L Records) buckles the track into his spaceship for a trip to the cosmos, but is forced to make an emergency stop in Ibiza. With a buildup reminiscent of Amnesia (circa 1990) and guitar loops for days, the programming takes you to another planet. It is perfect for rooftop parties and garden soirees. Under the roof or under the stars, this mix is for dancing.

Alex Israel (Creme Organization/Stilllove4music) left the masters locked up in his Detroit basement and unearthed this subtle juno jam a year later. He washed off the mold and was left with a haunting, reimagined composition with warm keys and light acid. A creepy early night/late morning monster.

Before heading home, Bendek (Peoples Potential Unlimited) invites the track to LA for a dip in his yakuza jacuzzi. The funk won't stop as you relax in the bubbles sipping shochu with lime. Claussell’s flute, Satriani’s guitar, and Dre’s 808 are just on the patio. Try not to get them wet.

On chunky 180 gram vinyl and mastered by the prolific Dieter Schoenemann, this EP is worth the wait.
You can preview and download/buy the digitals at Soundcloud:

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