We’ve got the records you want but didn’t know you needed. At Peace & Rhythm, like our namesake, peace and rhythm are our mantra power words. Music is about feeling, emotion, and creativity and we have been working hard for 6 years to bring you tasty music on premium vinyl and quality packaging made with love (and peace & rhythm). As DJs we’ve been a collective for a lot longer. And between us, we have even more years of experience listening to, playing, booking, curating and encouraging music of all kinds. But nothing has prepared us for these hard times we’re living in right now. We know everyone is feeling it. We feel it too but we are not giving up. We are continuing, and we're continuing to work on future releases & events. In the meantime if you want to support us, the best way would be to visit our webstore and purchase some vinyl from us. Thank you for your support and faith in us for all these years and hopefully many more to come. We’ve got your most wanted records so go check us out!


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