Visual Clave Closing Reception Featuring Live Music By Bronx Descarga All Stars 8/14

GetInline-18 DJ Bongohead’s Visual Clave exhibit closes it’s two-month stay at Bronx Music Heritage Center this weekend. Coinciding with the Bronx Salsa Fest 2015, there will be live music by Bronx Descarga All Stars. Schedule of events for Friday evening are as follows:
6pm  The Latin Music Tertulia Series by Joe Conzo is a free series presented by the BMHC that explores the history of Latin music (what we call mambo and salsa) in New York City, as well as the musicians who created it.
7pm  Join us for the closing reception for Visual Clave! Visual Clave documents the little known evolution of ‘Salsa Graphics’ and the expression of Latino/a identities through the prism of album cover art over half a century of music packaging and graphic design.
The Bronx Descarga All-Stars, featuring Bobby Sanabria, Gilberto “Pulpo” Colon, Gene Jefferson and Eddie Montalvo, will perform during the reception. Celebrating the “Roots” of Salsa: Rumba and Latin Bugalú: There is also another Salsa Fest event the next day on Saturday with a screening of the documentary Rumba Clave Blen Blen Blen (2014), by Aristides Falcón Paradí with a Q&A by the director and Bobby Sanabria followed by a performance of the contemporary Latin bugalú band Spanglish Fly. Everything is free and open to the public. Bronx Music Heritage Center website. Check out the video.

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