TWISTED: Maggot Brain Special!

In honor of the birthday of the great psych-funk guitarist Eddie Hazel, he of Funkadelic fame, here's a few assorted renditions of his signature emo-metal tune. It's astounding how many versions there are. While they are all pretty faithful, the range of different types of artists covering it is amazing. As such, I have included everyone from blues icon Buddy Guy to new age piano, famous rock stars to underground psych bands, alt-country to P-Funk related projects. You can decide for yourself which ones are worthy.

This one, from the often boring French band AIR, possibly my fave cover of "Maggot Brain":

From Canadian violinist Lili Haydn:


A nice one from UK psych band Sendelica:

Here's a version by Bill Laswell's P-Funk related band Praxis, featuring Bernie Worrell and Buckethead and again the violinist Lili Haydn:

Buddy Guy & Santana:

'90s freak underground/psych faves Bardo Pond:

Here's an new agey version by Ukrainian pianist Viktoriya "Vika" Yermolyeva:

Psychic TV:

Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante:

Here's a poetic one from Nico Vega:

Here's Stephen Perkins's band Banyan, with Nels Cline, Mike Watt and others:

J Mascis and company:

Here's a smooth and clean jazzy version by the Cincinnati-based Chuck Land Band. It's debatable if they all actually fully grasp the spirit of Eddie here but it's a different style version nonetheless:

Mike Watt:

Here's the ONLY time you will ever see me post a song by Pearl Jam:


Teenage guitar prodigy from Ohio, Michael Weber:

Here's a version by P-Funk's later guitarist Blackbyrd McKnight:

Jamband favorites Govt. Mule:

TWISTED features left-field cover versions of popular songs.

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