Tuli Kupferberg / Sept 28, 1923 - July 12, 2010

Happy birthday to the beatnik poet/singer/artist/anarchist Tuli Kupferberg! From NYC, he founded a beat magazine, Birth, in 1958, publishing Allen Ginsberg, Diane DiPrima, Leroi Jones (aka Amiri Baraka), Ted Joans and others.

In 1964 he and Ed Sanders founded the unfiltered anti-pop group The Fugs, who released their humorous and crude tunes on ESP Disk and turned the NYC rock scene upside down (despite being the old man of the scene!). Tuli wrote several of their tunes, such as "CIA Man" and "Kill For Peace".

He cut the bizarre spoken word album No Deposit, No Return in '66, the same year that he published his book 1001 Ways To Beat The Draft. He kept on rabble-rousing, releasing an album on Shimmy-Disk in '89, drawing cartoons, participating in street theater, doing some acting in underground films, appearing in Richard Pryor's Dynamite Chicken, hosting a public access TV show and, later on, running a YouTube channel.

"Nobody who lived through the '50s thought the '60s could've existed. So there's always hope."

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