Spam Allstars - Trans-Oceanic LP Available Now From Peace & Rhythm

The brand new record from Miami’s Spam Allstars is chock-full of tropical electro space-funk spiced with a heady dose of Cuban flavors. Instant Trans-Oceanic beach party! Download card with the extra bonus track "Agua de Poço" included!

The six-piece Spam Allstars have been at the forefront of Miami's creative musical blending for twenty years. Founded by turntablist/producer/engineer DJ Le Spam to create electronic descargas, those compelling improvisational Latin jams, but this time with funk, electro & hiphop elements. Through the course of six albums, international touring, interesting collaborations with the likes of Phish side project Vida Blue and Rumberos de la Ocho, and a still-running 15-year home-spot residency at Hoy Como Ayer in Little Havana, this ensemble blends traditions and enlightens in ways you won't find anywhere else. This new long-player, Trans-Oceanic, offers funk, rumba, charanga, electro beats & bass and relentless grooving.

Reflecting the city's widely diverse population, Miami's music is historically culturally rich: the deep voodoo rhythms of Afro-Cuban & Haitian culture, the 808 blasts of Miami's own "booty bass" music, the wealth of local soul, funk, R&B & disco, as well as Caribbean soca, Latin freestyle, Dominican merengue, rap, reggae, house, name it. And of course all those visiting pop stars who had classic albums built at Criteria Studios surely soaked up these varied sounds & cultures while stumbling through the city's streets in search of a feeling. Spam have their own studio, the well-respected City of Progress, where the inspiration freely flows through. And they have constructed another doozy of a record, their own brand of blended fusion, for our enjoyment.

Trans-Oceanic is the latest edition in their catalogue and proof of Spam's bouncing, yet melodic, sound & style. With its unique instrumental combos of violin, funk guitar and gorgeous flute & horns on top of timbales, congas, djembe, clave, blasting machine beats and warbling synth bass, this music kicks you onto the dancefloor like no other. Whether you are a rumbero, hip-hopper or funk fanatic, you will be no less moved by the deep tones and soulful style.

These tunes offer something for everyone: the party-rocking title opener sets sail into wild synth, tasteful djembe, a hand-clapping groove with a sweetly melodic front line of horns & flute. "Cosquilla" is an Afro-Cuban rumba-inspired number with montuno played on the Cuban tres and some deep pulsing synth-bass. "Ruby Carat" is a funk-charanga with a rumba section and gorgeous trumpet underpinned by the timbales of Tomás Díaz. There's the cosmic R&B number, "Satellite", which is already receiving response from radio & club DJs alike. That's saxophonist A.J. Hill pulling double duty on that soulful vocal around the deep synth and fuzzy guitar solo. "Around the Track" is a great piece of Afro-funk but with some rock axe. The violin is back on the electro-soul cut "La Concha", with some countryish guitar stylings. As well, this album includes a download card, with these tunes plus a digital bonus cut, the freaky "Agua de Poço".

The funk is at the core, with the rumba and electro right there with it going straight to the gut. The horn lines are sublime, there is gorgeous and clear flute and odd combinations of instruments weaving throughout the blend. And as interesting as this experimental electronic-fusion set-up is, it's dance music to be sure. And those bassy drops are calling you to the floor.

The artwork features a piece by Italian born Francesco Lo Castro who uses unorthodox painting techniques which involves the intricate layering of pigment and resin to achieve a heightened sense of dimension and depth. Spam Allstars and Peace & Rhythm could not be more thrilled to showcase his work connected to this fine music.
“Perhaps one of the city’s most influential and long-lasting sounds, Spam Allstars is finally bringing some new beats to our booties…[Trans-Oceanic is] …every bit as awesome as they already are"  - Prism, Creators of Culture
"Spam Allstars are the creator of the contemporary Miami sound...."Miami Herald
"The latest batch of arrangements is collected on Trans-Oceanic, the Spam Allstars’ sixth album. The band’s hypnotic grooves are still firmly in effect, but so is a concrete sense of song structure. This is despite an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach: Fuzzed-out guitar riffs sidle up to conga rhythms and voice samples from the National Weather Service.” - Ocean Drive
"…an authentic Miami sound is being forged by DJ Le Spam and the All Stars."Rolling Stone
"Often credited as pioneering the new Miami-fusion sound, a synthesis of electronic music with Latin beats from Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, and other countries whose musicians have migrated to Miami, the Spam Allstars combine live and improvised electronic music and turntables in a vigorous rhythmic celebration that defies categorization."Boston Globe
"Spam creates a Cuban vibe mixed with hip hop and dub, with great swinging violin, horns, synthesizer solos and flute parts. It’s fresh and highly danceable, and you'll wonder why you didn't hear of Spam earlier." - The Gazette (Montreal)
“A good old latin jam, a “descarga’, with the same spirit of Cuba where descarga originated.” - BBC
“The Spam Allstars are generating a buzz in the music business for their rhythmic mixtures of electronica, Latin, funk, hip-hop and dub. And the band members are just as diverse as the music they groove to.” - NPR
Cover art by Francesco Lo Castro
Trans-Oceanic out now on LP, co-released between Peace & Rhythm and Spamusica!

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