Peace & Rhythm presents: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Chest LP

Peace & Rhythm presents: Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra - Chest

Following up 2020’s Antibody, Poland’s only Afrobeat band, Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra is back with their fourth studio album Chest. The heavy funk group fronted by three female vocalists has always had a sound that’s all their own. Since their creation WAO have continued to evolve and experiment, juggling diverse sounds, genres, melodic, and harmonic structures. Chest is unique, not only due to capturing the unmistakable sound of WAO, but even within the WAO catalog. This album is the result of the band immersing itself in the rock and heavy funk of the 60s and 70s, letting these influences imprint themselves on this chapter of WAO’s sound.

Chest is Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra at their darkest and heaviest. Their signature afrobeat/funk is injected with elements of transitional hardcore and progressive rock.

It kicks off with a bang. Winter is heavy hitting guitar and horn driven afrofunk. The singers move between aggressive hardcore gang vocals and angelic harmonies reminiscent of winter carols, while still creating the melodic timbre that WAO is known for.

Water continues the heavy afrofunk assault. The horns, organ, and percussion keeping things funky, while the kit drums stick to a straight ahead beat and the guitar holds a 70s rock groove, a la Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, or Brian May.

More stand outs from the album include the effortlessly catchy Shape, which grooves through pop bliss, without losing it’s dark edge, and builds into a chaotic horn solo, and the straight up rocker Temperature, with a Middle Eastern melody and driving energy." - Studebaker Hawk

Limited edition orange marbled and black vinyl pressings are available courtesy of Poland’s Scriptology label. Only 200 pressed and each hand numbered. Get your's before they're gone!

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