New from MNGWA - El Déspota!

The next installment from Vancouver, Canada’s gypsy cumbia all-stars, MNGWA, is a timely release of frustration, El Déspota! The protest song is best described by the band's own words below.

"EL DÉSPOTA (the tyrant) was written during the surreal buildup to the 2016 US election, as the band's way of channeling feelings of frustration and helplessness into something more constructive (full disclosure: the working title of the song was Trumpa Lumpa). As a Canadian band with Mexican members, this has been like watching a close friend dealing with schizophrenia and being unable to help them. For four strange years, EL DÉSPOTA has served as MNGWA's personal antidote to this new age of political tyranny and buffoonery. And now, as the global community experiences another collective WTF moment, there couldn't be a better time to finally release this dish of psychedelic cumbia and salsa to the public. 

For those who feel powerless to halt the abuse of political power - not just in the US but in too many countries around the world - here is a new anthem to stand up and dance to. And to those antiquated dictators who still have the nerve to put their own myopic interests above those of the millions they were hired to serve: your reign is ending. ” - Nick Lagasse of MNGWA

El Déspota is the second of four songs on the Crackadoom EP. Buy your copy today exclusively on Peace & Rhythm's Bandcamp and keep watch for the full EP coming December 11th!

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