MNGWA - Crackadoom EP!

New from Peace & Rhythm! Officially out today on all streaming and download platforms, the full 4 song EP: CRACKADOOM from Vancouver, Canada’s psychedelic cumbia powerhouses, Mngwa!

Crackadoom is MNGWA at their rawest & most instinctual. In the midst of a busy stretch of summer festivals, the eight core members of MNGWA carved out a period of 3 days in remote Williams Lake, central British Columbia, where the EP was recorded in its entirety. Vancouver-based veteran sonic alchemist Brandon Hoffman (Blocktreat) engineered & produced the project from beginning to end (from the comfort of his own cabin), and his idiosyncratic approach to recording challenged MNGWA to set aside the maximalistic sheen of their previous records & embrace imperfection. Hoffman's choice to track the songs without a metronome gives Crackadoom a living, breathing and almost live quality. Crackadoom is MNGWA's most stripped-down and cohesive release yet, where the two worlds of psych rock & cumbia are integrated more than ever. Sung entirely in Spanish, the lyrics allude to topics as wide-ranging as modern political tyranny (plenty to go around!), media and technological mind control, & communing with ancestral spirits.

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