MNGWA - Camino Pa' Tu Casa Video!!

People of the world and spirits of the underworld, it is MNGWA's great pleasure to present to you the music video for their festive new single “Camino pa’ tu casa”. The song and video are fully inspired by the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations in Oaxaca, Mexico - the hometown of our MNGWA lead vocalist Blanca Escobar, who appropriately has a starring role!
The video was made in collaboration with director Javier Badillo, animator Makso Bents, and Wryly & Minah of Moth Orbit Object Theatre
Pick up your copy of the single exclusively on Bandcamp, until the full EP's release on December 11.
Beautiful creatures, open your souls, turn up your volume, and let yourself drift to the rhythm of Camino pa’ tu casa.
Que lo disfruten!

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