Martin Hannett / May 31, 1948 - April 18, 1991

One of the great figures of post-punk, Martin Hannett virtually shaped the Joy Division sound at Strawberry Studios. A famed producer of many great UK groups of the era, he was also co-founder of Factory Records. He utilized loops, echos, delays, synths with a meticulous obsession for getting the drum sounds exactly as he heard them in his head. He would put the young groups through torture to get what he needed artistically.

From about '77 til his early death he produced Joy Division, The Durutti Column, Basement 5, Magazine, Buzzcocks, Psychedelic Furs, A Certain Ratio, New Order, Section 25, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, OMD, ESG, Crispy Ambulance, U2 and many others. A history of British rock could not possibly be considered without a mention of this maverick visionary.

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