Lord Kitchener / April 18, 1922 - Feb 11, 2000

The calypsonian Aldwyn Roberts became Lord Kitchener in 1945. He bumped around the Caribbean (including his native Trinidad, as well as Jamaica) before setting sail for the UK in '48, where he immediately hit with the classic "London Is The Place For Me".

He was a popular and important figure in the West Indian community that was starting to move to the UK in huge numbers. Kitch caught the wave of popularity that calypso rode in the '50s, even touring Africa. In '62 he was back in his homeland and he was one of the biggest Caribbean stars in the '60s & '70s.

He mentored up & coming young stars (including the first female Road March Winner, Calypso Rose). Kitch himself holds the record of ten such Road March victories, one of the highest honors in Trinidadian music competition. He was also the 1975 Calypso Monarch. He went soca in the late '70s and had a huge hit with "Sugar Bum Bum" in '78. He has been dubbed "the Grand Master of Calypso".

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