Lázaro Ros / May 11, 1925 - Feb 8, 2005

An important voice in Cuba, Lázaro Ros is virtually unknown outside of Yoruba-oriented circles. One of Cuba's major Akpwons (praise singer), he was a Lucumí folkloricist and mentor to young singers & scholars serious about Santeria.

Havana born, started singing at festivals at 13 and was singing on the radio by '49, around which time he was initiated. The new government formed the cultural/musical entity Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba and with this program Ros got to record and tour Europe, Mexico and the USA. In the '80s he lent his powerful voice, deep knowledge and blessing to a project with the popular Cuban band Síntesis and collaborated on the Ancestros album, bringing heavy Afro-Cuban vibes into rock/pop. He also collaborated with the US-born Cuban-based guitarist Pablo Menendez & his group Mezcla (indeed, it was Menendez himself who first turned me onto Ros). He has also worked with Olorun, Haila Mompie, Giovanni Imparato, Lucia Hergo and John Santos, as well as with the National Ballet of Cuba. He won major awards in Cuba and is recognized as an icon.

Omi tutu, onã tutu, ashé tutu, tutu ilê, tutu laroye, tutu ariku babawa

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