King Tubby / Jan 28, 1941 - Feb 6, 1989

Osbourne Ruddock aka "King Tubby" is the all-time Heavyweight Dub Champion. Where would contemporary music be without this man from the Kingston, Jamaica ghetto of Waterhouse? A radio repair man and electronics expert, Tubby built amplifiers and operated a sound-system starting in the late 50's. He invented the dub remix by dropping out vocals and instruments with his mixing board and adding effects (including his infamous spring reverb). These "versions" soon became their own artform in the hands of Tubby and his methods became known worldwide. His work is featured on hundreds of records and he was mentor to Scientist and Prince Jammy. Although he was murdered in 1989, he remains inarguably one of the most important architects of contemporary urban music.

Here's a great collection of tunes Tubby mixed from the Freedom Sounds catalogue, compiled for the much-missed Blood & Fire label:

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