King Curtis / Feb 7, 1934 - Aug 13, 1971

Curtis Ousley aka King Curtis, the versatile saxophonist/songwriter/arranger/producer, is a huge figure in '60s R&B. From Fort Worth TX, he was schoolmates with fellow saxophonist Ornette Coleman. He played early with Lionel Hampton and cut sessions with The Coasters, Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, Nat Adderley, LaVern Baker and others. In '65 he had his biggest hit "Memphis Soul Stew" and became musical director for Aretha Franklin. Later he recorded with John Lennon. His life was cut short in tragic fashion when he was stabbed to death on the steps to his apartment. (In the picture above you can see Jimi Hendrix over on the right.)

Stone classic tune:

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