Jaki Liebezeit / May 26, 1938 - Jan 22, 2017

Here's a salute to the recently deceased Jaki Liebezeit, the human metronome for Can, among other projects. After playing free-jazz in Germany in the mid-to-late '60s, including an ensemble led by Manfred Schoof, as well as with Globe Unity Orchestra (with a young Peter Brotzmann on sax!) he decided to go with a decidedly more disciplined "motorik" beat as a founding member of Can, a band of Stockausen's students that were really into the Velvet Underground and "world music" and forged a whole new template for out-rock. Indeed, Can are synonymous with the "Krautrock" history.

Brian Eno called Krautrock's "motorik" groove, James Brown funk and afrobeat the "three great beats in the ’70s". (One could also argue for reggae and punk, both of which Jaki appreciated). Jaki, along with Klaus Dinger, was as influential on all sorts of post-rock and electronic music to come as Tony Allen was to afrobeat and afro-funk. Together or separately, they could all be considered architects of many modern styles we hear today.

Jaki also drummed with his longtime Can rhythm section partner Holger Czukay on his solo records, as well as with Michael Rother, Eno, Jah Wobble, PhantomBand, Depeche Mode and others. He has worked with electronic producers, played reggae & other world musics, and has been the source of hip-hop breakbeats. He also produced records for other artists.

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