Elis Regina / March 17, 1945 - Jan 19, 1982

One of Brasil's most popular singers, Porto Alegre native Elis Regina started her career in '57 and became well-known as a teenager winning song contests and releasing albums. "Arrastão" was a huge hit for her in '65, propelling her to be the most popular singer in the country. She worked with some of the artists involved in the Tropicália movement of the late '60s/early '70s, recording songs by Gilberto Gil and others. (Indeed, she was a vocal critic of the dictatorial regime). She made a landmark bossa nova album (Elis & Tom) with Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim in '75. She joined the socialist Workers Party in 1980. She died of a drug overdose at 36, with her funeral attracting over 100,000 people. Her children have gone on to music careers and Elis remains one of Brasil's most-loved artists of all time long after her passing.

The classic with Tom Jobim:

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