Edgar Froese / June 6, 1944 - Jan 20, 2015

The influential ambient/electronic/new age composer Edgar Froese, the figurehead for experimental krautrock band Tangerine Dream, was born on this day (D-Day in '44). He lost his father to the Nazis, but his mother and he ended up in West Berlin after the war.

When Froese started Tangerine Dream in '67, he was interested in surrealism, dada, old poetry and free-form rock. Over the course of several decades (and line-up changes) the band would help to define krautrock, new age, ambient, electronica, going from Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd-inspired psychedelia to environmental music, classical passages to space rock, soundtracks for film & text to digital sampling. His work with Tangerine Dream has greatly influenced The Orb, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, DJ Shadow, Rammstein, Pete Namlook and others.

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