DJ Bongohead's "Rough Guide to Psychedelic Salsa" Drops 2/23!


DJ Bongohead's "Rough Guide to Psychedelic Salsa" is out 2/23 on London label World Music Network. Check out tunes new and old, including some highlights from our good friends in Bio Ritmo, Grupo Fantasma and Quantic. Check the link for full track list, some background and pre-order, as well as a very cool video by NYC's La Mecanica Popular.

Track List
  1. Listen Buy MP3 Grupo Fantasma Feat. Larry Harlow: Naci De La Rumba Y Guaguanco (7:57)
  2. Listen Buy MP3 La Mecánica Popular: La Paz Del Freak (3:23)
  3. Listen Buy MP3 Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: Dub Y Guaguanco (4:27)
  4. Listen Buy MP3 Conjunto Siglo 21: Jud Ross (3:14)
  5. Listen Buy MP3 Ray Pérez Y Su Orquesta: Recordando Los Soneros (2:25)
  6. Listen Buy MP3 San Lazaro: Muchacho Tranquilo (4:36)
  7. Listen Buy MP3 Bacalao Men: Japones (4:27)
  8. Listen Buy MP3 Nelson Y Sus Estrellas: Londres (London) (5:04)
  9. Listen Buy MP3 Los Sander'S De Ñaña: Recuerdos (3:17)
  10. Listen Buy MP3 Los Pambele: Cannabis (2:38)
  11. Listen Buy MP3 Fruko Y Sus Tesos: El Son Del Carangano (5:05)
  12. Listen Buy MP3 Orchestra Rytmo Africa-Cubana: Vamos Pa' Dakar (7:28)
  13. Listen Buy MP3 Bio Ritmo: Chuleta (7:00)
MP3s are priced at $0.99 each

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