Brand new debut album from Locobeach!

Folks we are super hyped for this release from Locobeach - been a year or so in the making and now it's finally here! This dynamic supergroup has forged a sound blending cumbia pop and Latin disco with a psychedelic edge and now it's on wax. Their debut album is aptly titled Psychedelic Disco Cumbia and the official record release party for New York is on Halloween. 

Many of the songs on the album strike a unique balance between classic cumbias, Latin dance music, and psychedelic influences. The kickoff track “Dream of the Bell Flower” really gets into the classic cumbias peruanas of groups like Los Mirlos, Los Wembler's and Los Destellos with a psychedelic guitar groove. The title is a reference to a family of flowers that grow in the Amazon all of which have various medicinal and hallucinogenic properties. “Six on the Stairway to Seven” is another composition with classic cumbias peruanas and 60’s psychedelic rock in mind. The title playing with references to some very famous classic rock songs, of course. “Javelin” comes from the point of view of the colonized and marginalized. Sung in English with a deeper message, but still a danceable vibe.

“The Devil is a Charmer” is a single already out and brings in some of the band’s favorite surf and spaghetti western influences on the tune; Ennio Morricone, The Ventures, and Dick Dale. The next single from the album is “Rata” which is influenced by chicha music. The song takes cues from the Peruvian scene and their use of electric guitars. The lyric refers to “so-called friends” that don’t behave and go behind your back, a.k.a. “rats.” For the DJs and late night sweaty vibes head to “Guaracheo” for a cumbia house track that goes off on the dancefloors.

The album is a perfect introduction to the LOCOBEACH sound, but only leaves you wanting to see them live. As Joshua states, “We are a well-oiled dance machine! People that have never heard of us before, will be up and dancing within the first song, we’re confident of that. At the end of the day we are a dance band and it’s our job to get the audience moving.” Catch them at a city near you as tour dates will be announced soon. Meantime check out these videos!

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  • Charleston Okafor on

    Just ask yourself, what happens when a collective of incredible ax men, dub heads and cumbia loving urban dwelling musicians do when they stepped into a recording studio and a jam ensues. That’s the awesome predicament that one find themselves in with this highly volatile sonic exploration with Locobeach’s debut offering from Peace & Rhythm. Wether it’s the dubbed out “The Devil is A Charmer”, the dance flavored “Success On The Dancefloor”, to the heavier than lead wicked guitar licks on “Rata”, what you find is the most forward-thinking cumbia cum urban music ever made in recent memory. Oh, how much I wished that MTV was still on the cutting edge media outlet so that these wicked videos accompanying this release would be heavily featured. I rate this release a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ Charleston Okafor, World Director/Programmer, WCSB 89.3 FM, Cleveland, Ohio

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